Release the Kraken


Destruction complete.

When you open the door, a creature emerges, and what ensues may seem calm at first. But chaos is just one sock, or towel or crate mat that’s not properly stored – and destruction is imminent.

Consider the endeavor. Parents bring stamina and resilience to the baby-rearing roller coaster. There’s no denying that shaping a good person is a downright heroic effort. On the other end of the spectrum, raising a high energy pup can be exhausting and challenging too. And just like kids, dogs are a reflection of their parent/owner, and you will be judged based on their behavior. I don’t have kids, so the pressure is on.

Gracie is one smart and social pup. She holds her own at the dog park, but will roll over and gently give up her belly for a small child to pet. Then, there’s the other greeting – jumping up and clawing people excitedly (sorry, tell her: off, or sit) along with the incessant barking to alert us of every movement outside – be it a bird, squirrel or heaven help us, another dog close by. Even our surround sound TV can set her off. If I was to evaluate how we’re doing so far, we’d probably earn a B- or C. Yep, we need to make more time for training our girl.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

We relish the crazy puppy romps, running circles around the coffee table or weaving in and out of the shrubs outside. Her energy seems boundless. And then there are times she’s over-tired, and we are at our wit’s end. There are rare instances when she passes out on the couch, other times she circles close to her crate, and we know it’s nap-time. Usually, we recognize the need for sleep before she does. And it’s nice to be able to close the door and heave a sigh of relief. The crate is her respite, and ours too.


About diane hafter

Now at the end of my work sabbatical, I've been able to take care of personal business and add a puppy to my family - my heart's desire for several years. I’m taking life as it comes these days, happier with a dog by my side.
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