alpoAlpo, anyone?
A friend and her husband, Peter, once worked as servers for a caterer. Her husband was Welsh. As he was dishing out beef goulash one day, a guest asked: “What’s in that stuff, Alpo?” And Peter, (who never heard of Alpo) politely replied, “I’m not sure sir, I’ll go check with the chef.” The chef was not amused.

finger sandwiches

I feed people too, like these tea sandwiches at Gracie’s birthday party.

Fine dining goes to the dogs

After growing up feeding my dogs either Alpo or Mighty Dog, the choices today seem endless. But when I opened a can of top-notch puppy food, the look and smell just didn’t seem appealing. With recalls galore, I figured I could do better.

So, another perk of having a dog… if the power ever fails at my house, Paul and I can survive on Gracie’s food. That’s right, I’ve eaten dog food, and I liked it. It’s homemade and quite tasty. I have no idea if Gracie has a favorite since she gobbles them all down with equal gusto.

Here are the ingredients: First, the main protein varies between chicken, turkey, beef or tilapia. And the carbs are either freshly-cooked lentils or garbanzo beans, and sweet potatoes or pumpkin. For the rest, it’s spinach, broccoli, cottage cheese, plus olive oil, and sometimes an apple. I just cook it up, puree it, and stock the freezer. We add some fresh cottage cheese and a slice of sharp cheddar at mealtime. I found the recipe at the Ottawa Dog Whisperer.

Good eats!

Good eats.

I consulted with Gracie’s vet, and was told all’s well if I add a handful of kibble at each meal to ensure she gets adequate vitamins and minerals. (I also mix in some probiotics with her breakfast). After she developed a UTI last winter, we now serve it all up with a 1/2 cup of Trader Joe’s organic low sodium chicken broth. I thought about making the broth from scratch — but really, even a dog mom like me has limits!


About diane hafter

Now at the end of my work sabbatical, I've been able to take care of personal business and add a puppy to my family - my heart's desire for several years. I’m taking life as it comes these days, happier with a dog by my side.
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  1. Terri Cassin says:

    Love reading your adventures with Gracie – keep them coming!


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