About Gracie and me

Yes, there’s a lot of responsibility that goes along with having a dog, but pure joy is a rare thing to find in the world. Faced with a happy, tail-wagging dog – you just gotta smile. Gracie is a constant reminder that life goes on every day. There’s a big world outside with lots of exciting possibilities, new dogs to meet and tricks to learn. And if you’re really lucky, a ball might be right around the next corner. This blog is a effort to capture and share the pleasure she brings into my life.


Gracie and me

A cream-colored, mini-golden doodle, Gracie’s a middle-weight at 35 pounds. She’s still a pup, just over a year-and-a-half. She loves tennis balls to distraction, and enjoys mixing it up with other dogs, people, and kids. She would really like to be acquainted with a cat – if only one would get close enough. An overall great pup who’s owner/trainers need a few more lessons to control barking and jumping up. It’s a good thing her owners don’t have kids, since they would be spoiled rotten, and periodically left in a crate.

About me
Dogs are forever linked with my inner child, part of growing up. Always there, a constant companion, pure love, soft fur and slobbery kisses, while all the other childhood distractions whirled around.

We had our first Shepherd/Collie mix, Samantha (Sam), a gentle soul who had two litters – and helped provide my earliest, and most eye-opening reproductive lessons. This was back when young families in our LakeRidge NJ development were ready to welcome pups into their homes. A great place to grow up. But our easy suburban existence was rocked when our house was robbed (we were out), and Sam was shot. This memory is forever etched in my 10-year-old brain, along with the vet who raced her to surgery with his two German Shepherds on-hand to provide blood transfusions. When she died, the pediatrician prescribed sedatives and new pup – without delay.

My two loves

Whiskey, a black Shepherd mix was our new mutt – named for all the alcohol consumed by the adults during the difficult time. She was another sweet addition, bonded to my father for all the treats he shared, especially as we kids grew up and moved away.

Time passed. Lived in SF (with a cat). Higher education. Work. Paul. <3. Moved to CT. Work. More school. More work. Illnesses and passages – Dad, Mom, and Hildy. A nine-week-old poodle mix seemed like the answer to Paul’s allergies, asthma… and so much more.


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